I am delighted to announce the launch of The Personal Consultancy, to work with existing and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to make lasting changes, challenge the status quo and create the business and life they really want.

My name is Tiffiny and I am a business consultant and ICF accredited transformational coach. I have spent the last 17 years working with Executives, Founders and Entrepreneurs – helping them to start and grow their businesses and brands.

I am personally on a mission to help people create a life they don’t want to escape from. My passion is to help people transform from the inside out; unlock their potential and let go of any limitations so they can create a life that is both fulfilling and successful. You only get one life so let’s make it count.

I know I can help you on this journey because I’ve done it myself.

I spent years in the rat race, in companies where I was successful but unfulfilled, so busy building someone else’s dream that I forgot to build my own!

It took two burnouts for me to realise that I needed to create a business and life totally aligned with my own values, allowing me to live according to my purpose and passions every day.

We have all got our own unique outlook and set of obstacles to overcome, both internal and external. And that’s why it’s personal!

The Personal Consultancy is for you if:

  • You know that there is more to life and have reached the point that you want to change
  • You feel overwhelmed or stuck in your business and life
  • You want to start something new but don’t know where to begin
  • You feel trapped, unfulfilled and uninspired in your work and life
  • You know your strengths but need help to turn them into a business
  • You’re ready to take your business and life to the next level

The Personal Consultancy is here to support you wherever you are on your journey – getting you to where you want to be, faster and with more clarity and focus.


We have two core pillars:

Entify (v) To give objective existence to

We get clear on what you want to create and make it a reality

Empower (v) To give the means to achieve

We equip you with the mindset and strategy for success


We offer an in-depth transformational programme – A Brand New You which is perfect if you want to start your own business and change your life from the inside out. We also have a range of one-off and ongoing services – Clarity, Brand and Strategy Sessions and Monthly Retainers to assist you as you continue to grow your business and transform your life.

What are you waiting for? Let’s entify and empower your business, brand and life.

Book in a free discovery call and see how we can work together, wherever you are on your journey.